Business Interest: Suggestion #2

HBR has written previously about the current low rate of interest in the UK’s economy.  In this series, HBR investigates the British public’s lack of interest in the subject, and tries to work out what is best to do about it

Spoiler – a description of an important plot development in a television programme, film, etc. before it is shown to the public

People love spoilers.  There is something about finding something out ahead of time that is both intoxicating and attractive. If an article says “Spoiler alert”, I will read it even if I don’t watch the television programme it relates to!

Why are keen business minds not making the most of this magnificent tool? All too many financial articles start with something dreary, perhaps along the lines of “Industrial output” or “Fed bond”. That’s just not going to get bums on seats! Open with an enticing “Spoiler alert:”, circulation will jump and interest in business will soon follow.

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