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Dear Reader*

While we would hesitate to presuppose that this little nook of the internet occupies your thoughts beyond the approx. 30 seconds it takes to consume, we am going to be so bold as to apologise for not writing more often. We are ever so sorry.

How often, we hear you ask, all too eager to Ctrl+T on your journey across the internet? Well we haven’t written since the 2nd of August, which we think has been our longest drought since starting, and it was pretty sparse before that too.

Has there been a shortage of business goings on? Well you might have noticed that it has been the summer, and as is customary round our neck of the woods, people go on vacation or “annual leave”. So there has been some of that. But by all accounts business has been booming – have you heard that the iPhone 6 is coming out?

The greater worry, we suppose, is that there is no more satire to be had in business, that they’ve got it figured out and are beyond reproof! We will be the first to reassure you, that as long as there is synergy, there is almost certainly satire.  Fear not.

So here we go. We must spend less time doing deals, and more time trying to write in full sentences. With grammar, and without made up words. So easier said than done.

*We say reader, because we assume that our audience = 1. Hi Mum.

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