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Be Resolute

What is a New Year without resolutions? Here at HardlyBusiness we have a few simple rules to make 2016 a bumper year for your business.

Put your customers first: without them, you wouldn’t have a business; place their needs above all else

Focus on your people: they are the most important part of your success, your most valuable asset

Think long term: don’t let day-to-day concerns distract you from your long term goals

Always be closing: a day without a sale is wasted, sell sell sell!

Do what you do well: don’t be distracted by one-offs and fads, focus on what makes your business great

Innovate and experiment: in this day and age you need to keep running just to stand still – how can you constantly innovate and grow outside your core competencies?

Stick to your guns: concentrate on your company’s mission for the year, and what you need to do to meet your targets

Roll with the punches: it is impossible to predict the future in today’s fast-moving world, so prepare to pivot!

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