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WWW: Mastify

Where we Work (WWW) is a series looking at the modern day workplace, and the many new and innovative workspaces that today’s companies are using to inspire brilliance in their employees. Today we meet Mastify, a mobile WiFi hardware provider for under-served Estate Agents

I know what you’re thinking. Everyone says it when they first see the office. Incredible natural light. That was important to me, when I was choosing the space. I can’t be dealing with those terrible office neon lights, I can’t work in a nightclub!

Sorry where are my manners? Take a seat. I’m afraid it’s all pretty communal here, and lots of our engineers like to sit in primary school-style “thought circles” on the floor because – that’s right – real grass. A lot of people said I was crazy when I wanted to have vegetation in the office, but I proved them wrong.

And we don’t stop at flora, we’ve got ample fauna here too! That’s right, employees are welcome to bring their pets to work here. We’re so relaxed that even strangers come with their dogs sometimes. Just make sure you don’t leave any mess behind, that’s not the Mastify way.

I’m afraid we don’t have a room where you can make at call, because we’ve really bought into the whole Open Office culture, so much so that we have none whatsoever. It’s just so much better for team collaboration, open-ness and transparency, and that’s what we’re all about here at Mastify.

Yes when we say “no walls”, I mean literally no walls, even external walls! We were thinking, we need to be outside the box, and the ultimate box is the office we work in.

So yes, that’s Mastify, come by anytime – we’re a hop, a skip and a jump from Hyde Park. Or rather – in Hyde Park.

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