Amazon change photography game

Amazon have done it again.  First, they revolutionized the world of retail by bringing the store to the consumer.  Now they have finally overcome photography’s greatest conundrum – how to take a photograph of an object in front of a white background without leaving a shadow, with a patent approved by the US Patent Office.

This will have drawn sighs of relief from the photography industry, as well as from the world of fashion, where back-drop shadow puppets have long plagued designers’ shoots, and e-commerce, where unsightly shadows in the background of product-shots have historically made consumers reluctant to buy online.

Amazon’s move here is business done right – finding solutions to pressing problems, and filing them appropriately with the regulatory authorities so as to monetize them effectively.  Needless to say photographers worldwide will be paying Amazon a huge debt of gratitude, on top of the obligatory license payment whenever they take a shadow-free photograph against a white background.


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