Book review: Think Like a Freak

While readers might know me as a serious business person, I am actually quite fun.  Indeed I will occasionally do something purely for my own amusement, outrageous as that might sound!

This weekend past was one such time.  With a bit of time on my hands between business trips, I chanced upon a new release, “Think Like a Freak”, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.

After a week of hard work, I thought I’d loosen up a bit, perhaps get a little “freaky”, and opened said tome, looking forward to some wild and tall tales.

I am afraid that I was disappointed.  Far from being a parade of weirdery to take one’s mind off the daily drudgery, “Think Like a Freak” turned out to be full of sensible advice about how to live one’s life.  Instead of anecdotes about some of this green globe’s more wacky denizens, I was treated to a range of everyday anecdotes and well-researched explanations.

The cheek of it! I have of course written to the authors expressing my disappointment with their misrepresentation. You can hardly excite a man with such a title, only to sneakily improve his mind. Two stars.

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