Business is Awesome: Journalism

Business is Awesome.  You know it, I know it.  This series is where I write about it.

Imagine if you could get paid, to write down words. That might seem implausible.  I thought so too!  But apparently there is an entire industry where people get paid to write things, so-called “Journalism”.

Isn’t business awesome? And here I am, writing down words for free, like a sucker.

Journalists don’t just write about serious topics either, like finance and economics, journalists can write about everything and anything. I even read an article by a paid journalist about some kind of sporting event!

I have no doubt that this industry will grow like crazy over the next few years.  After all everyone wants to write things for money, so the sky’s the limit, everyone will be piling in. Journalism will be the next big bubble – you heard it here first.


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