Business Interest: Suggestion #4

HBR has written previously about the current low rate of interest in the UK’s economy.  In this series, HBR investigates the British public’s lack of interest in business, and tries to work out what is best to do about it

In our research on business interest, we focused on the level of interest amongst the general public. We were working under the assumption that interest amongst business leadership must be high. However we have recently become privy to the shocking revelation that even those in positions of power are not interested in the business world.

I am talking, of course, about Bored Members. A requisite part of any company, the Bored of Directors is responsible for overseeing a company’s activities. How can you possibly expect the man on the street to be interested in business, when you’ve got such a disengaged group of individuals in positions of power?

This fix is quick, and easy – scrap Boreds, stop hiring Bored Members, and start hiring Engaged Members, to the Engagement Committee. In business, as in life, you’ve got to lead by example.

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