Pair go public

After weeks of speculation, Henry & Sarah have finally gone public, announcing their relationship to their family and friends. In a move that was no surprise to analysts, the former best friends explained that they had been secretly seeing each other for the last few months, and were finally confident enough to let everyone know.

“We were initially slightly worried, because we didn’t want to compromise our friendship, but now we’re going to give it a proper go,” said Sarah at the subsequent press conference.

Shares rose on the first day of trading, as mutual friends and acquaintances expressed their support for the company, and their confidence in the couple’s long term value. “We’ve always said they should get together,” explained classmate Jesse, “they could definitely go the distance.”

However not all investors are quite so rosy, with some already shorting the stock, notably Henry’s mother Janet: “She always seemed nice enough, but I don’t think she’s marrying material; she is certainly not good enough for my Henry.”

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One thought on “Pair go public

  1. Becca Naylor says:

    This was very funny!


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