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Lesser-known CCs

A living relic of letter-writing, cc’ing someone on an email has become a daily business event, as we keep a wider audience informed on our dealings. The slightly more sneaky bcc is also a regular feature in our email arsenal, as we give other parties a brief glimpse into our correspondence. But there are many more exotic cc’s, as well as these common varieties – which do you recognise from your day-to-day?

No-cc: forgeting to cc people despite saying you have cc’d people

Re-cc: your correspondent insists on replying, rather than replying-all, necessitating frustrating re-copying

De-cc: when you strategically remove members from cc, perhaps senior folks in the event of a U-turn

Awk-cc: you left that one person off, will they feel worse if they’re added in late or never?

Escalation-cc: I do hate to copy your manager on this email, but you haven’t responded to my last five

Typo-cc: did you really mean to copy Jean from  IT rather than Joan from Bizdev?

Promo-cc: why is the MD on this run-of-the-mill announcement? Must be promotion season

Why-cc: the recipient list is vast and incoherent, why are we all here?

Oop-cc: did you mean to reply-all there with that catty comment?

Bye-cc: you can’t send that filth to the whole office. Best of luck with your next opportunity

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