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Lesser-known CCs

A living relic of letter-writing, cc’ing someone on an email has become a daily business event, as we keep a wider audience informed on our dealings. The slightly more sneaky bcc is also a regular feature in our email arsenal, as we give other parties a brief glimpse into our correspondence. But there are many more exotic cc’s, as well as these common varieties – which do you recognise from your day-to-day?

No-cc: forgeting to cc people despite saying you have cc’d people

Re-cc: your correspondent insists on replying, rather than replying-all, necessitating frustrating re-copying

De-cc: when you strategically remove members from cc, perhaps senior folks in the event of a U-turn

Awk-cc: you left that one person off, will they feel worse if they’re added in late or never?

Escalation-cc: I do hate to copy your manager on this email, but you haven’t responded to my last five

Typo-cc: did you really mean to copy Jean from  IT rather than Joan from Bizdev?

Promo-cc: why is the MD on this run-of-the-mill announcement? Must be promotion season

Why-cc: the recipient list is vast and incoherent, why are we all here?

Oop-cc: did you mean to reply-all there with that catty comment?

Bye-cc: you can’t send that filth to the whole office. Best of luck with your next opportunity

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Client contact

We live in the era of connectivity. The entire world, from CEOs to world leaders, is only a button click (or several) away; people are closer to one another than they have ever been.

Which is all very well – I am as keen as the next man to get in touch with the POTUS – but for the everyday businessman, what has really changed is the way in which we can communicate with our clients.

In this article, we will look at the best in class methodologies in a modern-day businessman’s armoury.

Gotomeeting – your computer screen is your business hub, and with Gotomeeting you can show your clients what’s what. Whether it’s a slideshow or product demonstration, it’s like being in the same room

Skype – only the fool pays airline ticket prices these days, with Skype you can be in the same room as your clients with nothing but an internet connection. Plus sometimes it will freeze and they’ll be pulling silly faces

gChat – it’s instant, it’s immediate and it’s just right there. Longform is dead, long live gChat

Whatsapp – see gChat, plus excellent photo-sharing capabilities, because clients love to see your snaps on the go

Twitter – because #businessneedsmorehashtags

Snapchat – best for those illicit conversations off the record. If you’re trading inside, Snapchat is the place to be

Tinder – on second thoughts maybe not

Email – the ‘90’s called, they want their mode of communication back

Telephone – what?

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