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Tesco removes sweets from the checkout

Tesco recently announced that it will be removing sweets and confectionery from checkouts in its stores, after a survey showed significant customer support for the move.  This has been met with approval by the Public Health Minister Jane Ellison, as well as by various health groups.

However Lily Simpson, 8, Director of children’s think tank Kidz, feels that Tesco did not sufficiently canvass children in making the decision.  “In many ways, the sweets at the checkout were one of the last bastions of children’s confectionery, the perfect opportunity to slip something into mum’s shopping trolley.  Now that’s gone.”

Lily is of the opinion that this is part of malicious larger campaign against children’s taste buds.  “Sweets are delicious,” she explains, “and now we just can’t get our hands on a Dairy Milk for love or money. Our vending machine at school is a flavour-less hole, thanks to that blasted Jamie Oliver, and now this!”

Meanwhile the healthy replacements at the Tesco tills have not been well received: “I swear to god if my mother tries to give me another pack of dried nuts I will scream.”

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