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Paul’s Pet Insurance gets off to a bad start

Local businessman Paul Whitaker has not had an enjoyable 2014.  Paul is the MD of Paul’s Pet Insurance, a small pet insurance business in the North West of England.  Historically, springtime has been business-time at PPI, as that is when the company starts its telesales campaign. However this year, the company has not seen the usual seasonal uptick in new business.

“We’ve kicked off the campaign, just like we always do,” reports Paul, “but the response has been a lot more frosty than usual, and we just can’t work out why.”

Numerous members of the sales team report being instantly shouted at down the phone by irate consumers, despite the company’s tried and tested friendly opening line, “Got a pet? Hi! Let’s talk PPI!”

Paul thought it was bad luck at first, but after trying a few potential customers himself, he soon became downcast. “Before I’d even mentioned our excellent canine cover, people I’d never spoken to before told me to stop harassing them, and one man even called me a scam artist! I’ve never been so insulted in my life.”

Paul is not one to give up easily, however. “We’ve had a few knocks, but I’m optimistic that it will get better,” says Paul.  The team even has a new recruit to help them with their efforts: “My cousin from Nigeria is visiting, and he’s a genuine Prince! If he can’t help us make a few sales, I don’t know who can.”

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