Conference call goes smoothly

Teams from both sides were left puzzled today after a conference call went off without a hitch. The interim meeting between Simeon Partners, a consultancy, and their client Organic Taste Foods was scheduled to take place over the phone, and the conference call went perfectly.

“I’m gobsmacked to be honest,” said Simon Chambers, of Simeon Partners. “I knew something was up when everyone dialled into the conference call successfully and on time, but I never would have guessed that everyone would actually be audible, let alone that no one would talk over one another.”

Organic Taste Foods were similarly surprised. “There were no crossed wires at all, we understood just what they meant, first time. I found myself hissing down the phone to make up for the lack of distracting background noise!”

We contacted Audiomax, the conference call operator, who said that their engineers are looking into the issue.

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