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Business is Awesome: Monet-ization

Business is Awesome.  You know it, I know it.  This series is where I write about it.

Stating the obvious, tech is hot right now.  The latest and greatest entrepreneurs are filling up the app store and the wider WWW with tools that are changing people’s lives and / or making it easier to pass the time while waiting in queues. The current growth formula is generally pretty similar across all such businesses – first achieve scale, and then worry about Monetization.

Isn’t that awesome? I was sitting here thinking that art was dead, when in actual fact Impressionism is alive and well in the modern-day tech industry! Quite why all these entrepreneurs have chosen this particular French painter as their muse escapes me, but Monet-ization is a major point of concern for founders and their VC backers.

I’m all in favour, indeed the great man’s waterlily series includes some of my favourite works of art. I can only hope that Pointillization, Picassification and Pollocking gain similar traction in future.

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Startup founder an ok guy

Industry onlookers have been left puzzled this week by the growth of a startup founded by a well-balanced, reasonable individual. Jermaine Dixon, 29, an MIT machine learning PhD, released his recommendation app after finishing his doctoral thesis, and has seen huge user growth, despite the fact that he is neither narcissistic nor arrogant.

Bill, his former college roommate, has expressed surprise at his success, wondering how he has managed to build a business despite the fact that he respects women, and doesn’t have an egomaniacal streak. “I mean he’s the cleverest man I’ve ever met, for sure,” explains Brandon, “but he has never sent me any misogynistic emails, not even one.  I’m not sure how he’s managed to build a business at all.”

His parents are as shocked as anyone, having despaired that his well-rounded social life would doom him from the start. “He worked incredibly hard, but he also managed to maintain friendships and family relationships, and was never snappy or rude,” reports his mother, Carolyn. “We’re just astonished, really.”

In terms of future plans, Jermaine plans to wait 12 months, then sell the business, giving most of the proceeds to charity.  However he did admit that he would probably use some of the money to buy a Prius to replace his 20-year-old station wagon. Our industry insider was relieved: “I knew it, a new car. What a selfish t***.”

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